We provide:

  •  cost-effective project management
  •  professionally choreographed routine approved by you
  •  bespoke music edit using your favourite/relevant songs (subject to conditions)
  •  industry-standard film footage with full rights to your organisation (subject to conditions)
  •  expert camera operators
  •  professional dancers
  •  costume design team

Your routine can comprise professional dancers or a mix of professional/amateur dancers, depending on your budget.

We will wear your t-shirts. Alternatively we can provide a costume design team. Imagine 20 hidden dancers blending in at your event suddenly revealing a funky logo costume underneath. They start dancing in the middle of the event and are joined by 10 more dancers who appear in the balcony above. Finally, 3 waiters remove their outfits to reveal the same costumes.  Now that’s an event to remember.


  • We provide flash mobs for civil partnerships/weddings, birthday celebrations and private parties. Imagine how surprised your guests will be when suddenly 40 people storm the hall and start dancing to Michael Jackson, for example.
  • Perhaps you are a bride or just about to celebrate a significant birthday and you want a party with a difference. We will teach your guests a flash mob routine and then on the day, those in the know will suddenly start dancing at your event! And those not in the know will be very surprised.
  • Imagine all your bridesmaids/page boys suddenly start a flash mob just at the point when everyone is getting bored of the official wedding photos.

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