What to expect:

•   everyone welcome
•   free to participate
•   free dance rehearsals taught by a supportive tutor
•   step-by-step training video with famous comedy voiceover
•   non-political, non-commercial, inclusive and just-for-fun!

All our flash mobs are inclusive and value the diversity of the community in which we live. We welcome participation from all ages, disabilities, genders, sexualities, race and religions.

We welcome a mix of abilities. Some participants haven’t done dancing since music-and-movement at primary school, others attend regular dance classes or are trained dance professionals.

We teach you a choreographed routine at a free dance rehearsal. Our rehearsals are fun, supportive and a great way to make new friends and keep fit. Our choreographer, Natalie West – is an expert in teaching mixed-ability sessions.

We also provide an online step-by-step dance tutorial for your use at home, or at your pre-flash mob party.

Every flash mob has a theme. This could involve dressing up, using certain styles of music and dance or themed lyrics.

Our community flash mobs are not-for-profit. We support local organisations and charities who in exchange give flash mobbers free t-shirts and badges. We also run flash mobs at festivals. Do you have a local community event or initiative you would like us to flash mob?

Contact Ali Adolph:

 We are currently working on a flash mob. For more info see our Facebook page or email